Prior to meeting any animal you must have a completed adoption application through our organization.  Click on the button below to complete the application.

Our adoption fee is 325 dollars for dogs 8 months and older and 450 dollars for puppies 7 months and younger.

Please understand that applicants are not on a first come first serve basis.
Approval is based on what will be the best for the pet and the applicant.



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Bowie is a 2 year old Shepherd/Akita mix in search of his forever home. He was surrendered to us by a family who loved him but could no longer give Bowie the time and exercise he needs.

He is extremely friendly and affectionate and is very smart. He wants to be around his foster mom wherever she goes and he loves cuddling up with her on the couch.

Bowie loves to run and will require a house with a fenced in yard as well as an active family that can take him for walks/hikes.

Bowie has lived with children and is wonderful with kids. He does well with other dogs but he is not good with cats.

Bowie needs a little bit of work when it comes to walking on a leash so the rescue will pay for his training for any family committed to working with him and to be able to dedicate some time to work with our trainer.

Location - Baldwinsville, New York


Pepper is a one year old Beagle who is as sweet as can be.  He is great with other dogs and loves everyone that shows him attention. He is not much of a barker, unless strangers are walking by his foster home.  We are not sure what his life was like prior to coming to rescue but he is certainly a little skittish of new circumstances and people but he warms up to people very quickly.  This boy would make a wonderful addition to a family that would love a happy, thankful shadow dog! 

Pepper has been learning how to walk on a leash and is doing great.  He isn't crate trained, however he has been doing well in his foster home when left outside of the crate. He certainly wants to please his humans so he will do whatever it takes to make that happen <3

We do not know how Pepper is with cats.

Location - Jamesville, New York



Mini is a 9-10 year old Pitbull who came to us as an owner surrender when her former family realized they couldn't provide her with the time and attention she deserves.

Mini is an absolute doll who loves everyone! She grew up in a home with children, dogs and cats and has been great with everybody and everything.  This girl will just follow her humans around like a shadow, and then lay at their feet quietly.  

She takes treats very gently and doesn't really care much for toys.  All she wants is someone to love her and give her belly rubs.  She may be 9-10 years old but she still has a bit of spunk in her and would love to go for walks or run around a back yard.

Location - Liverpool, New York 


Figgy is a ten year old senior lab who was found as a stray in rural Mississippi.  She was brought to a local pound where she sat behind bars for months.  This pound was located outside and on a landfill.  Poor Figgy was giving up hope that anyone would come and rescue her.

The minute we saw a photo of her sad eyes and slumped over posture, we took her into rescue immediately.  She has been with us for several months now and has proven what a sweet girl she is.  She loves people so much and wants nothing more than the companionship of a human.  She has no health issues and still has quite a bit of spunk left in her!

Figgy will tolerate other dogs, but would do best in a home with no dogs or with a more low key dog.  She has no problem with other dogs but she also doesn't like to be bothered or play with them.  All she wants is the love from her human.  Figgy is good with cats.

Location - Syracuse, New York



Athena is a beautiful, very friendly 6-year- old German Shepherd who is looking for someone who can accept her and help her through her medical condition. Athena is thought to have a congenital abnormality (or injury induced abnormality) causing Cauda Equina Syndrome, where the spinal canal narrows and compresses the nerves causing pain and fecal incontinence.

Athena has undergone several trips to Cornell University Hospital for Animals where she has had comprehensive blood panels, ultrasounds, physical examinations and neurology consultations.

Upon several trips to Cornell University the following conclusions have been determined: All tests have proved that there are NO detected abnormalities in Athena’s liver, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, kidneys and small/large intestines'.

Within the last year Athena has made a lot of progress with proper adjustments made to her prescribed food and medication dosage. She is currently taking Cisapride to improve GI motility and Gabapentin to help manage her pain. She is also on a prescribed food diet. Between the medication and prescription food diet Athena has had improved bowl movements in consistency and volume and her fecal incontinence has also shown signs of improvement.

I spoke to the Dr. at Cornell University who has been taking care of Athena for over a year and she believes that making proper adjustments in Athena’s therapy and increasing medication dosage will help to improve Athena’s condition. She needs a family that can understand that she has a neurological deficit and would be willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars a month on food and medicine as well as understand that Athena suffers from fecal incontinence.

Although Athena suffers with a medical condition it does not stop her from being extremely active and loving! Athena is a complete sweetheart and loves to play! She loves chasing her ball all around her foster dad's yard and she has a blasts bringing her foster dad all of her favorite toys.

Athena has a whole lot of love to give and wants nothing more than a family to accept her for who she is, snuggle her every day and play with her throughout the night.

Athena is not good with other dogs but she is great with cats.

Location - Potsdam, New York

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